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Furuno MCU004 Remote Keypad

Furuno MCU004 Remote Keypad

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Furuno MCU004 Remote Control

Model: MCU004
  • "Active Display" switching allows (1) MCU004 to control up to (4) TZtouch2 MFDs
  • Joystick plus full RotoKey controller
  • Edge-swipe plus cursor control for full menu access
  • Home & brilliance control
  • Pan & Zoom capability
  • Shortcut function button
  • Built-in alarm buzzer
  • Attached 3 meter USB cable for direct connection to MFD
  • "STBY/AUTO" Autopilot engage/disengage

With its sleek, piano-black finish, the MCU004 is a perfect cosmetic match for TZtouch2 MFDs. Its robust panel offers a perfect fit for many installations, from dashboards to the armrests of captain's chairs. The MCU004 includes a combined joystick and full-function RotoKey controller for zoom and/or menu control. It features large, easily-accessed, dual-function buttons ("short press" and "long press") for key features, such as Cursor or Scroll (panning), Home and Display Brilliance, and Vessel Center. It also includes a user-programmable Function Key that can be set to a favorite feature or function. The MCU004 also functions as a virtual controller for NavPilot 700 installations when the autopilot is properly interfaced with the TZtouch2 network. Another attractive feature is an alarm buzzer so audible alarms can be heard in the cockpit.

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