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Garmin 010-12225-00 12-Pin Transducer Y-CABLE

Garmin 010-12225-00 12-Pin Transducer Y-CABLE

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Garmin 12-pin Transducer Y-Cable

Model: 010-12225-00
UPC: 753759128159
  • This Y-Cable works great with all 12-pin GT transducers — transom mount or thru-hull. You can pair up to two GT3x's, 4x's, or 5x's. The Y-Cable divides the signals out for you:
  • From the right-side transducer, it uses the traditional disc, Clearvü, Right-SideVü, temperature sensor and Garmin ID
  • From the left-side transducer, it uses only the Left-SideVü
  • The -00 cable is rather long, ~30’, so keep that in mind when routing cables
  • The new -10 version is only 2m long and more suited for transom mount mount transducers
  • Both cables have "PORT" and "STARBOARD" stickers on the ends to make it easy to connect up for each side
  • No software setup required

Connect a port/Starboard pair of thru-hull transducers to the sonar unit with this 12-pin Y-cable. The cable is approximately 10 meters (32.81 ft) long.

Y-cable for splitting out left and right SideVü from two SideVü transducers to avoid engine lower unit or keel shadowing.

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